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NNNN TRENT 35 Active subwoofer

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Trent 35A Multi purpose subwoofer

Compact and multi-purpose


Trent 35 is designed to provide very high output relative to size, while retaining low frequency response, low distortion and good impulse response. The compact form factor makes it convenient for mobile applications and easy to integrate in installations where space is precious.

Defined low-end

The transmission line loading design provides an effortless low end in a small enclosure. The sound signature of this transmission line is slightly softer than our bass horns overall, but quite familiar sounding in its’ bottom octave. A modern 12” driver with a strong motor system, low moving mass, rigid cone and extended excursion provides a musical performance usable in a wide range of scenarios. The transmission line design provides more output and improved impulse response than an equal volume bass reflex box with the same woofer and a more linear behavior from low to high sound pressure.

Broad application areas

Trent 35 excels for mobile use and installations where space is precious. Features for stacking the subwoofer enable very powerful setups, as the transmission line design will increase the efficiency of each unit in the stack as well as extending the frequency response and output level below 35Hz. The pole mount combined with the compact form factor of TRENT 35, enables a very high output system with minimal footprint and easy handling. The acoustic design of the TRENT 35 makes it ideal for boundary integration, and it’s ideal for integrations below venue stages.

Active and passive versions


Trent 35 is available in both active and passive versions, enabling the same performance to both portable and installation applications. The internal or external processing includes signal processing and driver protection.




Configurations: Self-powered and active 1-way
Frequency response (+3dB): 35 Hz - 80 kHz
Nominal dispersion: Omni
Max.SPL (1m, 2Pi): 127dB*
Nominal impedance: 8 Ohm
Power handling: (cont./program) 500 W/1000 W
Connections self-powered: PowerCon True1 for power, XLR input, XLR output, Ethernet
Connections 1-way: 2x Speakon 4 pole
Driver: 1x12”

Height: 363 mm / 14.3 in
Width front/rear: 677 mm / 26.7 in
Depth: 495 mm / 19.5 in
Weight self-powered: 25 kg / 55 lb
Weight 1-way: 24 kg / 52,9 lb

Teknisk info


- Tilkoblinger (Pluggtype HW)
  • PowerCON True1
  • RJ45
  • XLR