RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter 8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter 8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter 8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter 8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter 8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter 8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter

RME ADI-8QS AD/DA Konverter

8-kanals fjernstyrbar konverter

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RME setter en ny standard innen AD/DA konvertere med ADI-8QS. Muligheter, fleksibilitet og lydkvalitet er løftet til nye høyder. Den har åtte kanaler AD/DA med 192kHz, dynamikkområde på hele 120dB, fire referansenivåer (opp til 24dBu), analoge og digitale limitere og konverterings forsinkelse på utrolige 4 samples. RME ADI-8QS sender inn og ut på alle format samtidig, både Adat (m/SteadyClock) og AES/EBU format. Den er fjernstyrbar og kan utvides med MADI ekspansjons kort.

    * 8 x Analog I/O (up to +24 dBu)
    * 4 x AES/EBU I/O (8 channels @ 192 kHz)
    * 2 x ADAT I/O (SMUX and SMUX4)
    * MIDI I/O
    * Word Clock I/O
    * optional MADI I/O (I64 MADI Card)
    * external Remote Controller (Volume, DIM, Preset)
RME's ADI-8 QS is an 8-Channel hi-end AD/DA converter with an unrivalled bunch of features. The device combines excellent analog circuit design with outstanding low latency AD/DA converter chips of the latest generation. Along with the integrated SteadyClock, the QS offers an AD- and DA-conversion of the highest quality.
Analog and digital limiters, 4 hardware reference levels up to +24 dBu, AES/EBU and ADAT I/O (optional MADI I/O) at up to 192 kHz, remote control via MIDI, digital input and output trimming for full level calibration, volume control for all 8 analog outputs, either separately or globally, digital thru-mode, operation over a wide voltage range and many more features make the QS truely unique.
The ADI-8 QS is RME's reference - highest performance in every detail, at an unbeaten price/performance ratio!
The most important features of the QS:
    * 8-Channel AD converter, fully symmetrical design, 117 dBA
    * 8-Channel DA converter, DC-coupled signal path, double balanced output, 120 dBA
    * Low latency conversion: only 8 samples of delay!
    * 4 x AES/EBU I/O via D-Sub, 8 channels @ 192 kHz
    * 2 x ADAT I/O, 8 channels @ 96 kHz
    * Digital input/output trim, range 6 dB per I/O
    * Analog and digital limiter for AD-conversion
    * 16 LED level meters with 7 LEDs each
    * Included remote control for store/recall, volume and DIM
    * SyncCheck, unique technology to check clock synchronisation
    * All settings are stored permanently
    * Fully remote controllable

The 1 U height device offers an outstanding AD/DA conversion from/to AES/EBU and ADAT (MADI optional), at up to 192 kHz. The balanced inputs and outputs use RMEs circuit design, therefore guarantee outstanding noise and distortion values. Four different input and output levels each are available, offering a perfect adaptation to the analog domain. The latest generation AD/DA converters provide samplerates up to 192 kHz with a SNR of 120 dBA.
Due to its efficient jitter reduction, SteadyClock(TM) guarantees prestine sound quality independently from the quality of the external clock signal. Additionally Intelligent Clock Control (ICC) Intelligent Clock Control (ICC)
Our unique SyncCheck and AutoSync technology has evolved into the new Intelligent Clock Control of the Hammerfall DSP system. HDSP is the only digital I/O-system worldwide capable of measuring and displaying the frequency of all clock sources. Even word clock! Based on validity and current sample rate the system then decides which clock source should be used - fully automated and performed in hardware! With this the HDSP system offers the most easiest handling of the present clocks, although having a lot digital inputs, plus the most advanced support when configuring the clock setup. will retain the last valid sample frequency in case of a loss of the input signal.
The technologies known from other RME products like SyncCheck SyncCheck
When working with several digital sources it is not only necessary that these are all properly locked, they also have to be totally synchronized. Else drop outs and crackling occurs.
RME's exclusive SyncCheck checks all input signals. In clock mode Master the synchronous operation to the internal clock is checked. This outstanding and unique technology helps to find errors immediately. The actual state of each input is displayed in the settings dialog. ® ensure perfect synchronization and clear detection of errors. Multiple units can be stacked and operated sample-aligned, using word clock. All settings are stored when the unit is switched off.
The QS can be fully remote controlled and configured via MIDI, and all status displays can be queried through MIDI. Each QS can be given a separate ID, allowing separate remote controllability of various devices with only one MIDI channel.
An included hardware remote allows to control the monitoring volume directly from the working place. A reference volume once saved can be recalled anytime, and of course we did not forget to add a DIM function (-20 dB).

Low Latency
In the QS RME uses a high-class AD converter from Cirrus Logic, offering exceptional Signal to Noise and distortion figures. But the biggest difference to all other ADCs out there is its innovative digital filter, achieving for the first time a delay of only 12 samples in Single Speed (0.25 ms), 9 samples in Double Speed (0.09 ms), and 5 (!) samples in Quad Speed (0.026 ms).
These values are less than a quarter of those available from even much more expensive devices. They represent an important step in further reducing the latency in the computer-based recording studio. At DS and QS the added latency can simply be ignored. The DA-converter offers similar conversion in the range of 5 to 10 samples, turning analog digital monitoring into real analog-style monitoring!
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- Grensesnitt (Protokoll) WordClock
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  • BNC
  • DB 25
  • DIN 5 pin MIDI
  • ADAT optisk