RME DTOX­16 io 2 x D-sub <-> 8 x XLR i/o

RME DTOX­16 io

2 x D-sub <-> 8 x XLR i/o

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The RME DTOX-16 breakout panels are the perfect rack solutions for interconnecting multichannel XLRs with the common D-sub connector format.
Three different versions are available: DTOX-16 I, DTOX-16 O and DTOX-16 I/O. DTOX-16 connects up to 16 XLR inputs or outputs (XLR Neutrik connectors) with two D-sub 25-pin connectors.

DTOX-16 I/O connects 8 XLR inputs to a D-sub 25-pin connector and 8 XLR outputs to another D-sub 25-pin connector.
The breakout panel supports all interfaces using an analog 25-pin D-sub I/O as well as the following RME interfaces:
ADI-8 QS, ADI-8 DS Mk III, M-32 AD, M-32 DA, M-16 AD, M-16 DA.

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- Tilkoblinger (Pluggtype HW)
  • DB 25
  • XLR