NNNN Gage 30A Premium full range loudspeaker NNNN Gage 30A Premium full range loudspeaker

NNNN Gage 30A

Premium full range loudspeaker

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NNNN Gage 30


Premium full range loudspeaker for touring and installations

The GAGE 30 is a highly versatile, high performance full range point source with an 18” woofer
and a 1.4” compression driver. It’s designed with sound quality and high SPL capabilities
in mind. The woofer has a powerful new Neo motor system, low moving mass and extended
linear Xmax. The HF horn is a classic elliptical design loaded with a wide range, low distortion
and powerful 1.4” compression driver. A large expanding bass port ensures minimal nonlinear
airflow at high SPL, even at peak power levels.
Angled enclosure side walls and a smooth even dispersion pattern makes it easy to combine
two or more boxes in a horizontal array with smooth transitions between boxes.
For smaller applications like a small concert scene or dance floor the GAGE 30 can be used
In a studio, cinema, HiFi or home cinema environment the GAGE 30 is a high SPL low
distortion modern take on the 2 way reference loudspeaker capable of providing a pin point
stereo image.


Frequency response (-6+3dB): 30-20.000Hz
Horizontal dispersion: 60 degrees
Vertical dispersion: 40 degrees
Max SPL average: 130dB*
Peak SPL music: 149dB*
Nominal impedance 18” Woofer: 8 Ohm
Nominal impedance 1.4” HF: 8 Ohm
Connections active: PowerCon True1 for power, XLR input, XLR output, Ethernet
Connections passive: Neutrik SpeakOn 4 pole

Height: 1000 mm
Width front/rear: 570mm/228mm
Depth: 470 mm
Weight: 35kg/77lbs**


Teknisk info


- Tilkoblinger (Pluggtype HW)
  • XLR