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Beat Production Machine

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Advanced rhythm production
BPM unites drum machine-style operation with advanced virtual instrument technology to give you the ultimate rhythm programming experience. Combine kits, patterns, and loops with instrument sounds, advanced mixing, and DSP effects to realize your rhythmic vision.
A massive rhythm sound library
Browse a massive library of over 19 GB of rhythm sounds. They sound massive, too, thanks to renowned mastering engineer Chris Gehringer at Sterling Sound, NYC. Mix and match thousands of patterns, kits, loops, and hits inspired by dozens of musical styles.
New in Version 1.5: Beat Box Anthology
BPM 1.5 adds Beat Box Anthology: authentic sounds from every classic, iconic drum machine that ever mattered during the 70s, 80s, and 90s. You get 80 legendary models (10,000 samples) from the likes of Oberheim, Dynacord, Simmons, Alesis, Korg, Roland, Yamaha, Akai, and others.
For tactile control, choose your weapon
With enhanced MIDI control features, BPM 1.5 lets you choose your favorite pad controller, MIDI keyboard, or other controller for the ultimate personalized tactile rhythm programming experience. With hundreds of compatible models to choose from, it’s your call. The featured controller for MOTU BPM 1.5 is Akai MPD32.
BPM 1.5 New Features
BPM 1.5 adds many new features, plus 4 GB of additional sounds for over 19 GB of included kits, patterns, loops, and samples.
Beat Box Anthology
TR 808…LinnDrum…SP1200… Iconic rhythm machines from decades past that brought us legendary sounds that still drive today's beats. BPM delivers the sounds of 80 such classic machines from the 1970's, 80's and 90's — a massive 4 GB collection of legacy rhythm sounds, combined with BPM's updated 1.5 library, for an unprecedented 19 GB, by far the most extensive rhythm sound library available.
More musical styles
Updated soundbanks deliver kits, patterns and sounds for many additional musical styles, including big beat, dancehall, dub, electro, jungle, hard trance, house, jungle-drum bass, minimal, progressive, vinylized and others. With BPM's FlexLoop™ technology, you control every loop element, from individual samples to FX parameters. Combine kits and patterns from each style to quickly create unique hybrid beats.
Customized control
How you play your instrument is how you express yourself as a musical artist. That's why BPM lets you use the MIDI controller of your choice. It needs to feel right. Be right. Just for you. BPM goes further by letting you customize how it responds to your pad controller, MIDI keyboard, or other controller, so that your flow is BPM's flow, and BPM flows with you.
Note repeat
Choose any note repeat value, from triplet 64ths to dotted quarters to 32x. Assign the note repeat button to any control item on your MIDI controller. Change the repeat value on the fly from your controller. Control the volume (velocity) of repeated notes with aftertouch pressure. This is rhythm programming the way it should be: live, dynamic, and customizable.
MIDI Select
The new MIDI Select feature gives you direct access to each pad — up to 64 simultaneous pads per scene — for quick editing and tweaking directly from your MIDI controller. Need to tweak the filter cutoff on the crash cymbal? Play the pad, tweak the filter, done.
Bank aux FX
When creating your own banks of sounds, the new Bank Aux FX feature lets you program and save effects such as delays, reverb, filters, and any of BPM's dozens of included effects together with the bank itself, so that the next time you load the kit, the effects load with it.
BPM 1.5 upgrade package
The BPM 1.5 upgrade package includes:
  • BPM 1.5 installer CD
  • Updated BPM 1.5 soundbank DVDs
  • New Beat Box Anthology soundbank DVD
  • Beat Box Anthology iLok auth key code
Massive 19+ GB library of sounds
BPM includes over 19 GB of drum sounds, patterns, loops and multi-sample instruments conveniently organized for quick browsing. Included is Beat Box Anthology, a comprehensive 4 GB library of sounds from 80 classic drum machines from the 1970's, 80's and 90's. This is by far the most comprehensive urban rhythm sound library currently available.
Here are a few impressive facts about BPM's extensive sound and pattern library:
  • Over 19 GB of all-new, never-before-released loops, samples and beats
  • Over 10,000 individual samples
  • Over 1,000 new drum and percussion loops
  • All recorded at 24-bit 96 kHz resolution
  • Mastered at Sterling Sound, NYC by top mastering engineer Chris Gehringer
  • Beat Production/Sound Design by Eric K. Roz for Black Rose Corporation
  • Over 200 drum kits + patterns organized by style categories (Dub, Dancehall, Trip Hop, Trance, etc.)
  • Over 100 urban multi-sampled instruments, including piano, bass, guitars, synths, pads and more
  • Comprehensive percussion samples, patterns and loops
  • Includes Beat Box Anthology, a comprehensive library of sounds from 80 classic drum machines
  • Hundreds of patterns in many styles (hip hop, R'nB, house, electro, funk, soul, pop, rock, etc.)
Find kits, patterns, samples, loops and instruments quickly
Just click a tab across the top and then browse items by stylistic category. The categories are the same across each time to make it easier to find corresponding elements for your beats. For example, if you want to find a loop that goes with a kit+pattern you've loaded from the "Machine" folder, just click the Loops tab and look in its "Machine" folder. Loops provide instruments (bass, rhythm guitar, etc.) as well as beats, so this is a quick way to add instrumentation to your beats.
Browse sounds and patterns interactively
With BPM's AutoLoad feature enabled, items you click in the browser, even files on your hard drive, load into BPM as soon as you click them. This really keeps the creative flow going because the beat never stops. AutoLoad provides several options for controlling what gets loaded, even on a pad-by-pad basis for kits.
Build up beats or break them down with BPM's exclusive construction kits
At the core of the BPM sound library are 200+ construction kits organized by stylistic categories. A construction kit is a kit+pattern for which BPM provides all the individual elements separately(samples, loop layers and the pattern by itself) organized by the same name so you can easily access the individual elements that make up the kit.
Adding your own sounds
Of course, BPM lets you add your own sounds, loops and audio files.