Flux Alchemist V3 Dynamic Processor Kraftfull dynamisk prosessor

Flux Alchemist V3 Dynamic Processor

Kraftfull dynamisk prosessor

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FLUX Alchemist - The most powerful dynamic processor ever designed!
Aiming at professional mastering and re-mastering applications, the intricate design, the superior workflow and sound perfection, makes Alchemist tailored for the high demands of today’s music and pro-audio industry.
Alchemist presents the option to operate as a single broadband processor, or a full-scale multiband processor offering up to five individual bands. For surround/multichannel operation Alchemist provides up to eight channels of simultaneous processing.
Be it a difficult dynamics processing job, or a severe problem in the mix, Alchemist provides you with everything you need to achieve finding the solution.

Alchemist Multiband Features
Up to five bands are available, each of them providing:
Flux:: core dynamics processors all operating in parallel:
The BitterSweet Transient Designer
MS (mid/side) Control.
Auto Delay (Introduces a delay line in the processed signal allowing zero attack time).
Selectable level detection mode and dynamics detection profile
Dynamics processing envelope control (Attack, Hold, Release with optional Auto mode).
Input / Output gain control.
Signal Processing Features
Input/Output gain controls for adjusting the levels before and after processing.
Phase invert of the processed signal.
Dry Mix control (Dry/Wet with gain compensation) allowing for parallel processing or for blending some of the original "peak" into the processed signal.
Clipper, a discrete peak limiter at the very last stage of the processing chain rounding off the peaks smooth and musically.
Bypass routes the incoming signal direct to the output for a true smooth transition between processed and clean signal.
Preset and Parameter Handling
Preset/Parameter slots
To enhance the workflow the two Preset/Parameter slots, A and B, can be loaded with two full set of parameters at the same time. Apart from saving each preset, a "Global Preset" containing both the A and B settings, and the position of the "Morphing Slider", can be saved.
Parameter Morphing Slider with Automation
The Morphing Slider provides morphing between the parameter settings of slot A/B allowing for really creative and useful real-time tweaking. Enabling the Automation control button exposes the Morphing Slider to the host automation.
Multiband Crossovers
Alchemist's five bands are divided using carefully fine tuned IIR (Infinite Impulse Response) crossovers with selectable slopes (from 18 dB per octave to 54 dB per octave), and variable corner frequencies.
Processing Specifications
Alchemist, as all Flux:: plug-ins, provide
Up to 8 channels Input/Output.
64-bits internal floating point processing.
Sampling rate up to 384 kHz DXD (Pyramix DSP based).
Sampling rate up to 384 kHz for native (AU/RTAS/VST).
All major native formats are supported
Windows - XP, Vista, 7 all in both 32 and 64 bits.
VST (2.4)
Mac OS X - 10.4, 10.5, 10.6, 10.7 in 32 bits.
VST (2.4)
*The RTAS version requires ProTools 7 or later.