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Colin Broad TMC-1- Penta Monitor Control

For DAD AX32 & NTP Penta 720

Varenr: TMC-1- Penta
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Colin Broad TMC-1- Penta Monitor Control

Electronics in cooperation with NTP Technology have developed a digital version of the TMC-1 monitor controller TMC-1-Penta, which will be launched at NAB 2015. The TMC-1-Penta communicates with a NTP Penta 720 or DAD AX32 over ethernet using its native protocol either directly or over a network. The software is based on the XMON version of the TMC-1 with a number of enhancements including the ability to control up to 48 channels on its main input/output and an 8-channel wide stem mixer. The flexibility of the NTP Digital interface allows the incorporation of extra features that are not available on Avid's XMON.

The DAD AX32/NTP Penta combines direct connection to Avid's Pro Tools HD/HDX/HD Native systems with superb A2D/D2A converters, MADI, AES and SPI. The combination of the DAD AX32 / NTP Penta with the TMC-1-Penta provides a cost effective digital I/O and monitoring solution for any studio.

The Penta 720/AX32 provides all the I/O routing with 16 AES I/O channels, MADI and direct connection with Pro Tools as standard.  Also available as optional cards are analogue I/O, Dante, SDI and other interfaces providing up to 976 input channels and 976 output channels.