Colin Broad  XPatch 64  Patchsystem 64x64  Digitalt styrt Analog Patchsystem Colin Broad  XPatch 64  Patchsystem 64x64  Digitalt styrt Analog Patchsystem Colin Broad  XPatch 64  Patchsystem 64x64  Digitalt styrt Analog Patchsystem

Colin Broad XPatch 64 Patchsystem

64x64 Digitalt styrt Analog Patchsystem

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Colin Broad XPatch 64




CB Electronics introduces XPatch-64, designed by multi-award-winning designer Colin Broad. XPatch-64 is a 64x64 digitally controlled, fully analogue audio patch bay routing system for audio professionals and aimed at streamlining workflow in even the most demanding post or music studios. Design based on the XPatch-32.

The XPatch-64 system is controlled by our XPatch program via USB, allowing for complex routings in seconds. Create, store and recall routings from sessions. Any input can be sent to multiple outputs. The XPatch-64 design is based on the A-Mon / I-Mon and shares the I/O and CPU cards, allowing for input and output muting and even gain control.

The front panel is equipped with 2x XLR combo connectors for input XLR line-level / ¼ inch jack DI input, plus 2 XLR output for quick auditioning of equipment. Also included are ¼ inch jack for headphone monitoring of inputs and outputs, OLED display and encoder with push button for function selection. In addition, there is a ¼ inch jack socket for a switch to step through snapshots (presets).

Once configured, XPatch-64 can operate independently of the XPatch program and host computer via the front panel encoder or foot-switch. By switching between snapshots, the foot-switch enables the XPatch-64 to be used as a powerful studio or live performance tool for musicians.

In any studio, the XPatch-64 can make it quick and easy to use your favorite new and legacy hardware effects units in your mix.The XPatch-64 is a versatile stand-alone analogue routing/switching system for on-stage boutique instrument processing or amplifier selection.

Individual Channel Level Control & Mutes of inputs & Outputs

 The major problem with an electronic patch is cross-talk especially between signals at different levels. The X-Patch 64 inherits input and output gain control from the A-Mon/I-Mon, the input gain control allows levels within the patch to be optimized minimizing cross-talk. Unused inputs and outputs are muted further reducing cross-talk.

Zero Crossing “Clickless” Switching

The output gain control includes zero crossing switching as shown in the music waveform capture below

Metering of Inputs & Outputs

The X-Patch-64 inherits 8 channels of metering from the A-Mon/I-Mon, these are connected in parallel with outputs 57 - 64 and can be viewed in the Mac/Windows GUI.

Connect a TMC-1 or TMC-2 to use as Monitor Controller with Electronic Patch

When used with a TMC-1 or TMC-2 part of the XPatch-64 may be configured as the monitoring system for any format from stereo up to 7.1.4. The channel count,cue sends and talkback and listen back are user configurable allowing for the XPatch-64 to split between monitoring and electronic patch to suit user requirements.

Snapshot selection from Midi, Front panel or Foot switch 

Headphone Monitoring of Inputs & Outputs 

O-Led display of selected input or snapshot 

Tablet/Phone selection of Snapshot & Paths with TouchOSC

 Front Panel

The front panel provides the following functions

• Stereo Inputs 63 and 64 on XLR combi’s, (¼ inch jack HI-Z input)

• Stereo Outputs 63 and 64 on XLR’s

• Headphone Monitoring Outputs 61 & 62 on 1/4” Jack

• Headphone source and gain selection via front panel encoder

• Snapshot selection from encoder or footswitch

• O-Led display of selected input and snapshot