Dette er nytt i Pro Tools 2023.3



Official Native Apple Silicon Support!

Pro Tools 2023.3 brings official support for running natively on Apple silicon processors. For more info, please see our blog post here. A NEW FAQ can be viewed HERE.  Additionally, various plug-in releases are happening in parallel that make all our plug-ins support native Apple Silicon. 

The list of compatible third party plugins is constantly growing as well. 


A few Silicon caveats:

  • AAC Import does not work with Apple silicon. At present this is functionality is Intel only.
  • AVE is Rosetta only, and will not run on an air gapped system. Pro Tools (if connected to the internet) will install Rosetta. If not installed AVE will not run. 


New Elastic Audio Time and Pitch Stretching from élastique

  • Pro Tools 2023.3 offers a new algorithm for Elastic Audio processing, élastique Pro V3 by zplane.development.


GrooveCell, SynthCell and PlayCell (NEW!) 2023.3

  • GrooveCell and SynthCell 2023.3 feature new presets.
  • PlayCell is a new host plugin that supports 100’s of PlayCell instruments via “Palettes”. This first release includes 12 collections, 80 instruments in total. A continuous stream of new content will be available to Pro Tools Subscribers.  


Pro Tools SonicDrop (NEW!)

  • This is a new program available to all subscribers (Pro Tools Intro and trials are not elidable) through Avid Link that will provide a monthly cadence of themed content drops (samples, loops, presets, demo sessions) This first drop includes 6 sample packs. 

Melodyne Keeps Tick Based Audio Analyzed

  • Melodyne ARA will now automatically analyze content on tick-based tracks when instantiated.
  • Audio will be conformed to tempo and meter changes by Melodyne on tick-based tracks.


Easier Automation Selection and Editing

  • Tab to breakpoints in automation lanes.
  • A new preference to select between automation breakpoints when double clicking with the selector tool.


Edit Group Improvements

  • Optionally include rulers in Edit Groups, including the ‘ALL’ group.
  • Easier access to the ‘ALL’ group through the Modify Groups window. 


MIDI Editor Scrolling Improvements

  • MIDI Editor scrolling options are available during playback.
  • “Follow Edit Window” is on by default.


Bounce to M4a (AAC)

  • Bounce high quality AAC compressed audio directly from the timeline.


Quantize Controls in Toolbar Enhancements

  • Toggle on/off the two main parameters right in the Toolbar Quantize Controls without having to open Event Operations.
  • The “advanced options” (gear) button now separately indicates advanced options enabled state (amber LED) and the Event Operations window open state (blue button).


Pro Tools | Sync X Video Generator Follows 10 MHz Clock

  • Pro Tools | Sync X can now generate video reference at a relative speed to incoming 10 MHz clock.  Please visit Sync X Firmware Release Notes for more information.
  • Please see the updated Sync X firmware release notes HERE



Bug Fixes and Known Issues

  • For a list of bug fixes, please go HERE
  • For a list of known issues, please go HERE
  • Additional Known Issues can be found in the ReadMe Documentation