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MicroConnect POE injector 30W

30W, 802.3af/at, PoE, Injector

Varenr: POEINJ-30W
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30W, 802.3af/at, PoE, Injector

  • IEEE802.3af/at Standard

  • Support Gigabit data output

  • 100-220V AC, 50-60HZ, 52VDC/0.58A

  • PoE data & power transmission distance 100m

  • Adaptor Power: 30W


100-220V, 50-60HZ, 52V DC, Maximum speed rate: 1000Mbps, Transmission distance: 100m

The POEINJ-30W is a single-port Gigabit PoE (Power over Ethernet) device with two RJ45 ports, one port for the Ethernet data input, another port for the integrated data and power supply output. Since the power supply itself does not have the data switch function, it needs to work together with a Network switch. It mixes the data of the network switch with the power supply, and transmits the data and the power supply to the remote powered terminal through the network cable. This can solve the layout restrictions due to the engineering power line. The device can provide PoE power supply to those Ethernet devices conforming to the IEEE802.3af/at international standard, such as routers, switches, wireless APs, VoIP phones, industrial network terminals, and network cameras etc. It provides efficient engineering solutions for locations where power is not available at the remote end or where the use of Ethernet cable power increase system reliability and simplify equipment installation.

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