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Zaxcom MRX-214 swappable module receiver

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MRX214 is a hot swappable module receiver designed for use in our Nova mixer / recorder, RX-12 and RX-12R.


MRX214 is a module style receiver compatible with the Nova mixer / recorder, RX-12 and RX-12R. The UHF diversity receiver utilizes the High Q tunable tracking front end filter within it’s host device to combat interference and extend range. The module is compatible with any Zaxcom digital recording wireless transmitter and with all current Zaxcom modulations (Mono, Stereo, XR and ZHD96).


Let’s break down the name – M (module) RX (receiver) 2 (two transmitters) 1 (for no reason) 4 (up to 4 channels of audio).


Part of Zaxcom’s 4th generation of digital wireless receiver technology the MRX214 sets a new standard for RF performance. The ultra-low noise floor (-135 dB) RF design will provide ultra-long range. The MRX is almost impossible to overload. Close distance transmitters have virtually no effect on the reception of distant transmitters. The RF performance exceeds the previous generation of Zaxcom receivers by 5 dB while enhancing the rejection of interfering signals from things like walkie talkies, cell phones and HD Television transmission by 10 dB.


The MRX214 is the most power efficient digital wireless receiver on the market – the module draws 160 mA @ 13 VDC (80 mA per receiver).


The MRX214 can be ordered in one of three configurations:
MRX214-L – covers blocks 20 – 23 (512 – 614 MHz)
MRX214-M covers blocks 21ish – 25ish (550 – 660 MHz)
MRX214-H covers blocks 23 – 26 (596 – 698 MHz)

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