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Wisycom MTK952N UHF IEM Transmitter


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Wisycom MTK952N

MTK952 is a versatile dual transmitter capable of working in a huge UHF bandwidth and of generating any kind of narrow-band modulations, with very high quality and low spurious emissions.

DC: DC power supply (10-16VDC)
MS: Master Slave configuration for iso-frequency network


  • 330 MHz Bandwidth
  • Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) of signal for the highest flexibility and quality (> 70 dB stereo separation)
  • Stereo, mono, intercom audio modulation
  • DSP audio processing (40bit floating point / 2Gflops) with multi-companding
  • Low interference output stage with wideband intermodulation phase cancellation
  • 2400 user-defined frequencies (40 group by 60 freq.)
  • Analogue & digital input (AES3)
  • Output power up to 2 Watt (-2W0 option)
  • Redundant power supply 230/110 Vac & 12 VDC (DC is optional)
  • SWR (Stationary Wave Ratio) sensing on antenna outputs
  • Reference In/Out for iso-frequency transmission (with option MS)
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