AUSTRIAN AUDIO OC818 Live Set - 2x OC818

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The new
viennese original

Engineered and manufactured in Austria, The OC818 is Austrian Audio’s premier, professional, large diaphragm microphone. Its high sensitivity, low self-noise and ability to handle everything from a whisper to extreme SPLs make it the most advanced microphone for studio, broadcast and live applications. As the unique ceramic capsule design is so consistent, any OC818 is match-paired with any other OC818, and when in cardioid mode, it can also be match-paired with any OC18, its affordable, smaller sibling.

Key Features


Handmade CKR12 ceramic capsule

Made to the same critical dimensions as the classic CK12 capsules


Multiple polar patterns

Cardioid, omnidirectional & custom programmable


Microprocessor control of polarisation voltages

Allows remote controlled polar pattern settings


Two different analogue high-pass filters with three settings

40 Hz, 80 Hz, 160 Hz


Two different types of analogue pads

-10 dB, -20 dB


Dual outputs

for recording each diaphragm separately


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