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Trinnov MC Processor8 kanaler Dante

EUCON Romkorreksjon med Dante

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Trinnov MC-Pro Monitoring Processor

Dante versjon


On top of the standard AES-EBU / Analog combinations, the MC Processor is also available in 3 other flavors to support high-channel-count installations.

The MC-HCC range includes MADI, AES67 and Dante variants.

Based on the common market standard, our compatibility scheme provides network audio capabilities to our MC users offering compatibility with all standards.

    Monitor control could look very simple to many, but when it comes to managing all the various mixing situations that a sound engineer has to face day after day, he has to get as much power and flexibility as possible.

    Not only does he have to switch from monitoring 7.1 to a stereo mix without any loss of transient, power response or bandwidth, but also to provide musicians with different foldbacks, communicate with them, and/or run a special sub-group into external gear as an insert or connect, in seconds, the producer’s smartphone to share his latest song, and so on…

    The D-Mon® Series is specifically designed to combine power, fast-and-easy usage and flexibility.

    The D-Mon Series… In every processor a world-unique combination of features:

    • both Analog and Digital professional inputs and outputs, providing the most pristine sound quality;
    • facilities to connect the processor via Ethernet and/or Midi and host almost any protocol to communicate with a large number of other studio equipments;
    • a Switching Matrix to route all signals easily and make any patch set in seconds;
    • an internal Mixer which can create various sum of stems, main or aux mix, discrete inputs that come in;
    • the amazing and world-reknown Optimizer® to make the perfect tuning of the loudpseaker sets to the studio acoustics;
    • in option, the SmartMeter® for the most possible efficient Loudness Metering.

      The MULTI-PURPOSE I/O connector

      Nothing more than the Multi-Purpose Input/Output connector proves how much the D-Mon® is in touch with the real world of professionals.

        • Midi, Headphones output, Talk-Back input are wired just like the famous Icon control surfaces, allowing to replace an X-Mon® in a complete seamless way;
        • Time-Code is available as a LTC input when you’re running the SmartMeter® to make a Loudness metering session never more effective than ever;
        • GPIOs are located there too, so linking to other equipements for synchronizing switches, lights or a simple pedal is immediate and easy.

      In & out for now and the future

      Input & Output configuration depends on models, but all of them cover the needs of recording or mastering studios, post-production rooms and film mixing suites.


        • up to 16 Digital IOs (AES), enabling any surround sound engineer, drive not only his main mix but also all feeds (like aux sends, sub-groups or stems) within the best possible resolution and sample rate (up to 96kHz);
        • a switchable 8-channel Digital Insert to hook up an external processing and make instant A/B comparisons or the mastering final cut;
        • up to 8 Analog Inputs able to be assigned as a Cue, the Talk-back or just used as external sources to be converted to digital for whatever reason;
        • from 12 to 16 Analog Outputs offer all possibilities to address multiple sets of loudspeakers, headphones and outboard gears, all at the same time.


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