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ATC SCM300A SL PRO 3veis Studiomonitor

3" Mid, 1 x 15" LF

Varenr: SCM300A SL PRO
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The ATC SCM300ASL Pro is an active, freestanding 3-way professional reference monitor suitable for use in larger studios.

The SCM300A SL Pro features twin 15" ATC SL bass drivers alongside a 75mm Super Dome mid, and a 34mm soft-dome tweeter. The monitors are driven by the highly-acclaimed 5U rack-mounted ATC P4 amp to get you thunderous bass, informative mids and tinkling trebles.

You also get fabulously detailed and precise sound reproduction with the ATC SCM300ASL Pro - so that you know immediately when something sounds good or if it needs further work. Able to operate at high spl for long periods, the ATC SCM300ASL Pro can do it without wearing out your hearing too.


  • 34mm soft dome tweeter
  • Twin full spec “SL” 15?/375mm bass drivers
  • ATC 75mm “Super Dome” mid driver
  • Rack-mount P4 4 – way grounded source 850W amplifier
  • Clip indication
  • 6 year warranty
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