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Rupert Neve 5045

Primary Source Enhancer

Varenr: 5045
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Rupert Neve Designs 5045
The 5045 Primary Source Enhancer is a two channel device that is exceptionally useful at reducing feedback, effectively increasing the level a microphone can be raised before feedback occurs in a live sound environment by up to 20dB, without negatively impacting the sonic integrity of the source signal. With controls that are very simply laid out and generally require minimal adjustment, the 5045 is an invaluable tool for churches, stadiums, performance halls, or any room where feedback is problematic. 
The 5045 shares some traits with conventional  noise gates , but operates with a different principle. One common aspect is that both reduce the gain during the absence of signal – or more specifically, both begin to attenuate when the level of a signal falls below a certain user-defined threshold. The 5045 senses when someone is speaking or singing into the mic and allows the signal to pass through, and senses when the person has stopped talking or singing and reduces the gain appropriately, which helps reduce the tendency of a system to feed back. Most importantly, the 5045 does not require filtering and digital processing to achieve significant benefits
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