RME HDSPe AES PCI express lydkort 16 kanaler AES/EBU i/o på D-Sub RME HDSPe AES PCI express lydkort 16 kanaler AES/EBU i/o på D-Sub RME HDSPe AES PCI express lydkort 16 kanaler AES/EBU i/o på D-Sub

RME HDSPe AES PCI express lydkort

16 kanaler AES/EBU i/o på D-Sub

Varenr: RMEpl HDSPe AES
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   * PCI Express interface
   * 16 input channels / 16 output channels
   * 8 x AES/EBU I/O
   * 2 x MIDI I/O
   * Word Clock I/O
   * TotalMix
   * optional: HDSP TCO
   * optional: BOB-32

The HDSPe AES is a short-length PCI Express card with AES/EBU interfaces. It provides eight AES inputs (16 channels) and eight AES outputs (16 channels) at 192 kHz sample rate. The card is also equipped with two MIDI I/O ports, word clock I/O, and can be used with the optional TCO module for synchronization to LTC and video.
The HDSPe AES is RMEs reaction to requests from audio professionals for an AES-based solution with the typical RME features and quality. This audio card is a perfect all-in-one solution for professional users in the fields of broadcast, TV, theater, stage/PA - and in any professional studio.
The card's mainboard contains word clock I/O and a 25-pin D-sub connector, providing four AES inputs and four AES outputs via standard digital breakout cable (Tascam pinout). The word clock input is galvanically isolated via transformer and operates on Single, Double and Quad Speed signals automatically. The expansion board adds audio channels 9-16 and a connector for a MIDI breakout Cable with two MIDI I/Os (four 5-pin DIN connectors). It does not require a PCIe slot.
The card is not based on a PCI to PCI Express bridge, which would simply add PCIe to existing PCI technology. It is a newly developed genuine PCI Express solution, which consequently takes full advantage of the new format, achieving significant performance gains in multitrack audio and lowest latency.

The AES' remarkable features include:
   * Support for 192 kHz at full channel count
   * Native support for Double and Quad Wire transfer
   * Direct conversion between these formats
   * SteadyClock for highest jitter suppression and clock regeneration
   * Intuitive and clearly laid-out user interface
   * TotalMix: 512 channel mixer with 42 bit internal resolution
   * 48 level meter Peak/RMS, hardware-computed
The DSP-based TotalMix mixer enables the AES to route and mix all 16 inputs and 16 playback channels to all 16 physical outputs freely, offering extraordinary monitoring capabilities. Up to 8 fully independent stereo submixes can be created. Routings can be copied and pasted, faders ganged and grouped, which, along with the amazing matrix window, turns the AES into a powerful and easy-to-use redistributor, patchbay, router, converter, and splitter. The hardware-based mixer is fully MIDI-controllable. Furthermore, the DSP hardware calculates RMS and peak level meters for all 48 audio channels, with no measurable CPU load.
The card's most important settings are stored on the card itself. Rather than operating in a default mode from the moment the computer is switched on until the driver is loaded, the card will immediately activate the last used sampling rate, master/slave configuration and AES format, thus eliminating any startup noise or problems in the clock network, both at system start and reboot.
Thanks to RME's flash update technology, future firmware improvements, adjustments, and bugfixes can be installed easily at any time.
The PCI Express interface of the HDSPe system is based on the PCI Express Base Specification v 1.1. It represents a 1-Lane PCI Express Endpoint Device and supports 2.5 Gbps line speed. Thanks to the packet-based full duplex communication, the card provides a transfer rate of up to 500 MB/s - 250 MB/s in every direction.
Just click on the hammer symbol in the systray of the taskbar and the settings dialog of the HDSPe AES comes up. The clear structured, easy to understand window plus the unique informative status windows for input signal, clock mode and sample rate make your work with Hammerfall DSP to a real pleasure.
When working with several digital sources it is not only necessary to know if these are properly locked, but also if they are totally synchronized. RMEs exclusive SyncCheck SyncCheck
When working with several digital sources it is not only necessary that these are all properly locked, they also have to be totally synchronized. Else drop outs and crackling occurs.
RME's exclusive SyncCheck checks all input signals. In clock mode Master the synchronous operation to the internal clock is checked. This outstanding and unique technology helps to find errors immediately. The actual state of each input is displayed in the settings dialog. ® checks all input signals and displays their actual state, and thanks to our new Intelligent Clock Control (ICC) Intelligent Clock Control (ICC)
Our unique SyncCheck and AutoSync technology has evolved into the new Intelligent Clock Control of the Hammerfall DSP system. HDSP is the only digital I/O-system worldwide capable of measuring and displaying the frequency of all clock sources. Even word clock! Based on validity and current sample rate the system then decides which clock source should be used - fully automated and performed in hardware! With this the HDSP system offers the most easiest handling of the present clocks, although having a lot digital inputs, plus the most advanced support when configuring the clock setup.  concept you have all clocks and states under control - with ease.
SteadyClock(TM)SteadyClock™, RMEs unique sync and clock technology allows the HDSPe AES to control the sample rate freely on its own. The Settings dialog includes a direct choice of the video and audio world's most often used sample rates. Additionally, two faders can be used to set the sample rate freely and in real-time, within the range of +/- 4% and +/- 0.4%.
Up to 3 cards of the HDSPe series can be used simultaneously, in any possible combination.

Tech Specs
1-Lane PCI Express Endpoint device (no PCI Express to PCI Bridge), revision 1.1.
2.5 Gbps line speed
Packet-based full-duplex communication (up to 500 MB/s transfer rate)
All settings: changeable in real-time
Automatic and intelligent master/slave clock control
Enhanced Zero Latency Monitoring for latency-free submixes and perfect ASIO Direct Monitoring
Sync sources: 8 x AES, word clock, internal
Varipitch: by input signal or word clock
Sample rates: 32 kHz up to 192 kHz, variable (Sync/word clock)
Sample rate range: AES: 28 kHz - 204 kHz, word clock: 28 kHz - 204 kHz
Jitter: < 1 ns, internal and all inputs
Jitter sensitivity: PLL operates even at 100 ns Jitter without problems
Comes with DIGICheck: the ultimate measurement, analysis and test tool
Input 8 x AES, 2 x MIDI, word clock (BNC)
Output 8 x AES, 2 x MIDI, word clock (BNC)
Input word clock: BNC, Signal Adaptation Circuit (functional from 1.2 Vpp input signal), termination via jumper
Output word clock: BNC, low-impedance driver stage, 4 Vpp into 75 Ohms, short-circuit-proof
MIDI input and output: via four 5-pin DIN jacks
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  • AES3
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