RME ARC USB Advanced remote control for totalmix RME ARC USB Advanced remote control for totalmix RME ARC USB Advanced remote control for totalmix


Advanced remote control for totalmix

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Advanced Remote Control


Alle RME kort som kan kjøre totalmix FX kan styres av ARC USB. Det inkluderer:

HDSP(e) MADI / AES / RayDAT / AIO, MADIface, Multiface, Digiface USB / RPM, MADIface XT / Pro / USB, OctaMic XTC, ADI-2 Pro, Babyface, Babyface Pro, Fireface 400 / 800 / 802 / UFX / UFXII / UFX+ / UCX / UC.

Plug'n Play Plus

The ARC USB connects to your computer via USB, and talks to TotalMix FX directly. It has 15 freely assignable and illuminated buttons, one encoder wheel, and a TS jack to connect a foot switch.

The ARC USB is a USB 1.1 MIDI remote control. Thanks to operating as a UAC 1 class device, it is natively compatible to Windows and Mac OS X. As soon as it is present in the operating system, TotaIMix FX will automatically detect the ARC USB, and communicate with it via simple MIDI remote commands.

TotalMix FX

Since 2001, TotalMix has added unlimited routing and mixing to RME audio interfaces. Its unique capability to create as many independent submixes as output channels available, turned it into the most flexible and powerful mixer of its kind.

With supported hardware, TotalMix FX includes a complete effects system, which not only adds flexibility to the recording chain, but also makes latency saddled software solutions obsolete.

TotalMix FX can completely replace an external mixer, enabling the creation of multiple latency-free monitor mixes with EQ, Dynamics, Reverb and Delay for any outputs, incl. main monitors and headphone mixes for musicians.

TotalMix FX for iPad™ App

TotalMix FX for iPad™ adds full control over hardware mixer and DSP effects for Fireface UCX, UFX, 802 and Babyface, Babyface Pro when in Class Compliant Mode, and lets you create, store and load complete mixes directly from the iPad™.





Teknisk info


- Funksjon & bruk Standalone
- Grensesnitt (Protokoll) iOS Class Compliant
- Tilkoblinger (Pluggtype HW) USB