Plug'n'Play for pure simplicity

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Yellowtec PUC2 Lite

Plug n'Play for pure simplicity.

With support for Windows and OSX, simply connect PUC2 to your PC or Mac’s USB port and automatic installation begins. In just a few seconds you’ll enjoy a new level of USB audio performance. There are no drivers to install, and since PUC2 is USB-powered, you won’t need a separate power supply.
You're well-connected.

PUC2 offers simultaneous connectivity for AES3 digital audio (XLR) and balanced analog line level audio (XLR). The latter can be set to various standard operating levels up to 18 dBu. For enhanced ease-of-use and functionality, a proprietary ASIO driver is available for free download.
Goodbye, power supply.

And hello, intelligent, state-of-the-art power management. Since PUC2 is powered via USB, there's no bulky power supply and fewer cables to connect – which means exceptional performance without the clutter.

The superior audio quality you deserve.

PUC2 delivers the highest available audio standards – up to 192 kHz at 24-bit – with a sensational dynamic range of 105dB.  PUC2 combines simple, seamless setup with a clever modular design, providing the flexible ease-of-use you demand with the audio quality you deserve.
Monitoring the way it should be. With no latency.

Zero Latency Monitoring is a unique feature that allows you to monitor your recording signal in real-time with no delay. Choose between listening to the input signal, or the return path arriving via USB. And for further monitoring convenience, an AUX output lets you connect a pair of headphones for a quick and easy audio signal check.
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