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Cordial Ethercon Quad XLR F multikabel


Varenr: CDX 0.7 FN 3 QUAD
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EtherCon til 4x XLR HUN, egnet for AES/EBU, DMX eller analog audio over EtherCon eller kategorikabel.

Following the ubiquitous trend towards "audio and video over IP", rental companies and the event business are investing more and more in high-class network cable drums. The southern German cable manufacturer CORDIAL has just broadened their range of applications by developing 4 innovative and sophisticated adapters.

The new Ethercon QUAD DMX-AES/EBU adapters each utilize one pair of conductors of a common 4-pair CAT cables, thus enabling the cost-efficient transmission of 4 parallel DMX or AES/EBU signals. On offer are varieties with black male or female NEUTRIK XLR metal connectors in 3- and also 5-pole version. The single cables are colour-coded according to the TIA 568 A standards and – after a 70 cm split - end in a special metal cable socket, also featuring strain relief and kink protection (based on the well-known NEUTRIK NE8FF).

For longer cable runs CORDIAL recommends network cables featuring at least one overall shield. Using CORDIAL'S high-quality, in-house development CCAT 7A LONG RUN with a conductor size of AWG 23 for reliable signal transmissions of up to 150 metres.
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