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What is Sound Particles?

Sound Particles is a groundbreaking 3D CGI-like audio post production software application for Cinema, TV, Games and VR. Imagine Maya or Blender for sound, generate virtual environments with thousands of sounds in relative motion, record the result with any type of stereo, surround or ambisonic mic’ set up, with paths for 5.1, 7.1 or immersive reproduction.  Sound Particles is being used on major releases by Hollywood’s biggest studios and is now being made available for sale to end users via professional audio resellers.


Main Features

Huge Sound

Up to millions of sound sources playing at the same time.

Immersive Formats

Support for several multichannel formats, including immersive audio.

Audio Modifiers

Use random effects to make sure each particle sounds different from any other particle (gain, delay, EQ, pitch/speed, granular).


Use automation or movement modifiers to move sound sources and microphones.


Import reference clips and see the particles moving on top of the image, obtaining a perfect time and space coherence.

Sound Propagation

Control the propagation of air (speed of sound, air attenuation, Doppler).

3D Views

See what is happening, using the fantastic 3D views (top, front, perspective, etc.).

Granular Synthesis

Use our optional granular audio modifier, and use particles to reproduce small audio fragments of original audio files.


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