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Samplitude Pro X - The master of pro audio
Samplitude Pro X is the perfect DAW for audio productions without compromises – from arranging and
recording, to editing and mixing, all the way to professional mastering and authoring. Work with a fully
customizable interface and experience a DAW tailored to your needs. The precision audio engine with full bit
transparency, outstanding high-end plug-ins, 5.1 Surround mixing and the ability to be seamlessly integrated
into your studio workflows make Samplitude Pro X the most powerful audio workstation on the market.
Includes mastering tools.
Professional audio processing from recording to mastering – realize your creative ideas with Samplitude Pro
X. As a purely native digital audio workstation, Samplitude Pro X is independent from proprietary audio
hardware and can be used on a comprehensive audio workstation as well as on a laptop.
With up to 999 tracks, high-quality plug-ins and sample rates of up to 384 kHz, Samplitude Pro X offers a
significantly more stable base for your productions. Samplitude features absolutely neutral sound, and
thanks to object editing, it sets new benchmarks in terms of workflow and speed. The integrated tools
provide a completely new method of working, from recording to masters for publishing.
  • 64-bit support: take advantage of a 64-bit application and 64-bit plug-ins. Naturally, Samplitude ProX is capable of running on both 32-bit and 64-bit systems and 32-bit plug-ins are still supported.
  • Includes previous Pro features: 5.1 Surround mixing, Revolver tracks, 999 tracks, 64 plug-in slots, AAF & OMF export.
  • 100% sound neutrality & fidelity: transparency, neutrality, spaciousness and retention of transients– even during intense digital editing processes, the sound retains its acoustic nuances thanks to full bit transparency.
  • Hybrid Audio Engine – Perfect performance on any system.
  • Object editing: complete editing at object level, including effects, plug-ins, fades, equalizing,timestretching, pitchshifting, AUX sends and freeze. Completely non-destructive & real-time!
System requirements (minimum configuration):
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP | Vista® | 7
  • Hard disk space: 600 MB or more.
  • Intel® Pentium® or AMD® Athlon® 1.5 GHz and higher.
  • DVD drive.
  • 1GB RAM or higher
  • ASIO-capable sound card
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