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Ovation is a Multi-Media Player solution designed for professional applications requiring a precise and synchronized playback of a wide variety of Media, such as Theatre, Live Events, TV and Radio Broadcast, OB Vans, Museums, Kiosks or Corporate Events and Presentations. 
Built on the powerful Audio, Video and TimeCode engine of Pyramix Virtual Studio and the VCube HD Video System and on the dependable 18 years experience of the Merging Technologies team, Ovation provides a very robust, precise and complete set of features dedicated to these applications.
Ovation can be operated as a Media Sequencer by using its own Show Controller Engine through a powerful, very intuitive and fully customizable User Interface especially designed to be accessible by any Touch Screen or Tactile Devices, or simply as a pure, “Black-Box” like, Media Server, transparently remote controlled by all of the most popular protocols.
Ovation is build on a networked architecture which allows playback of virtually all kinds of Media directly from the network and, optionally, separate and duplicate the Remote Control, Show Control and Playback Engines over multiple stations, thus ensuring full redundancy and unlimited scalability in terms of audio and video output channels.
Ovation offers many different kind of Cue Lists to organize Shows and Setups. There are no limitations in terms of the number of Cues and Cue Lists which can be freely organized, resized, tabbed, stacked and spread over the main application window. The user interface is fully customizable and rearrangable, but can be frozen with all menus and editing buttons hidden during Show time.
Standard Cue ListsStandard Cue Lists enable Cues to be organised in a chronological order, and for triggering them manually or by remote control in the given order, with the option to interact with any of them at any time. Cues can be nested to create groups and subgroups that can be triggered together or skipped all at once while browsing, like chapters or scenes. 
Each Cue List can have its own Transport Toolbar with its set of Fire, Pause and Stop buttons to emulate Cartridge style interfaces, or share the same main Show Toolbar. In addition every Cue can have its own Fire/Pause and Stop button for immediate and easy control.
Timed Cue Lists allow for automatic triggering of Cues based on a time event. These Cue Lists can read either the Show Time or any incoming LTC or MTC TimeCode to fire any of their Cues. Each Cue can be assigned a Go Time relative to its Cue List TimeCode while still retaining the ability to be Fired, Paused or Stopped manually. Each Timed Cue List can have its own independant TimeCode source and can, optionally, also generate its own TimeCode to any of the available LTC or MTC ports.
Hot Keys Cue Lists allow for organizing Cues on a user definable grid, without any chronological relationship, to be Fired any time during the Show or Event. This style of Cue List is typically used for Games Show jingles, Theatre special effects or any event that can occur any time and possibly repeatedly during the Show. Each Cue can be given a different Hot Key Mode to control its behavior, such as: Press to Play / Press to Stop or Press to Play / Release to Stop, etc…
Custom Keys Cue Lists are a special kind of Hot Keys that can be fully customized. Every Cue can be freely sized and positioned in the Cue List window and its background color, font type, size and color user defined as well. This allows for creating very intuitive, ergonomic and easy to access interfaces aimed at non-expert operators when running a show for a long period of time or when doing corporate presentations or even to provide a way for the audience itself to interact with the Show, as in Museum or Kiosk applications, for example. This also makes it possible to insert very visible and accessible emergency buttons to handle critical situations during an event.
Browser Cue Lists enable navigation in the local or network file system to locate Media files. They can be auditioned on location, searched recursively by entering a keyword and their Album Art picture, if available, displayed for easy identification.
Mixing ConsoleOvation provides the same reknown and powerful Mixing Console than Pyramix Virtual Studio, supporting up to 384 channels in all sampling rates from 44.1 up to 384 kHz including DXD and DSD. All files that do not match the Show Sampling Rate are converted in real-time without generating any temporary file. Proprietary very high quality, very low latency plug-ins like Equalizers, Dynamics, Compressors, Limiters, Reverbs, Denoisers, Metering Tools are available as well as support for standard VST plug-ins. Cues can be spread on separate channels or played back all on the same channels allowing for highly creative scenarios. There are no limitations on the number of Cues and Cues per Channels actually playing. The built-in Mixing Console can also be remote controlled via any of the popular protocols such as MIDI, HUI or Merging Technologies protocol OASIS for easy integration in most high-end Consoles, e.g. Euphonix, AMS Neve, Harrison, etc…
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