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OnAir Radio is our fully integrated software automation system for radio stations. OnAir Radio contains everything you need to run your radio station: a play-out, a music scheduler, multiple carts, a jingle machine, an audio logger, an extensive music library, a crossover editor and integrated RDS.

Highlights of OnAir Radio

  • OnAir Radio is an extremely reliable system and has a very user friendly user interface.
  • OnAir Radio is completely integrated and all functions can be automated to a very high degree, making it a system which is easy to operate and to maintain.
  • OnAir Radio can be connected to different kinds of hardware and consoles, both analogue or completely digital over TCP/IP.
  • OnAir Radio is perfectly suited to do play out and scheduling for multiple stations.
  • With our Commercial Player system it is easy to broadcast the same music everywhere and to ingest localized content like news, commercials or localized jingles.


The player has an user friendly interface and is easy to understand while all functions are quickly available. There are no unnecessary buttons nor an abundant use of colours, resulting in a clean user interface. Read more about our thoughts on designing a good User Interface

Cross over editor

The player of OnAir radio has a built in cross-over editor. This cross-over editor not only enables you to quickly adjust cross-overs, but is also used to record voice-tracks. It is also possible to edit recorded items, making this a very versatile tool.



Carts can be used as small stand-alone player in live-assist situations.

Carts can be used to play items, backgrounds or even a complete playlist.

Every cart can be pre-loaded with as many items as you want; All items can be played individually but is is also possible to play the items as a list.

You can open as many carts as you want to.


Jingle player

The Jingle Player is the perfect tool to start items very quickly during live-assist. 

An unlimited amount of Jingle Players can be defined; A jingle can contain 64 items.

The Jingle Player can be connected to the Novation Launchpad for even quicker access.


Novation Launchpad

The Jingle Player can be controlled with the Novation Launchpad.

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