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Audioroot 14.4V 49Wh

Smart lithium battery

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Audioroot 14.4V 49Wh

lithium battery

Each AUDIOROOT battery embeds a micro controller which handles and records the main parameters of the battery such as : identification, type of elements, cycle count, build date, serial numbers and many other parameters. The micro controller monitors the battery’s status and behavior (power consumption, temperature, voltage, etc…) and communicates with the charger to improve the charging process and therefore battery life.

Audioroot’s eSMART batteries are fully compatible with our full range of power distribution boxes such as the eSMART BG-DH MKII, BG-DU and K-ART. These power distributors feature a powerful fuel gauge system that provides to the user all the necessary information regarding the battery’s autonomy in real time.

  • Capacity : 3.4Ah
  • Chemistry : Lithium Ion
  • Nominal voltage : 14.4 V
  • Maximum voltage : 16.6V
  • Equivalent Lithium Content : 3.12g
  • Max Current Discharge : 3A Continuous
  • Weight : 239 g
  • Communications : Fully SMBus Compatible
  • Data System : Conforms to Smart Battery Specification
  • Charging : Audioroot eSMART MONO CHARGER or eSMART DUAL CHARGER recommended.
  • Height : 0.9? / 22.9mm
  • Length : 3.4? / 86.4mm
  • Width : 3.1? / 78.7mm
  • Mating Cables : eXLR4-OUT , eHRS4-OUT or eCON-OUT
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