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SSL Solid State Logic UF8 HUI Controller

HUI-MIDI DAW kontroller 8 fadere

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SSL UF8 Features

  • High-quality 100 mm touch-sensitive faders

  • High-resolution colour displays

  • All-metal enclosure finished with a brushed, anodised top plate

  • 8 Endless Rotary Encoders

  • Custom Workflows with 43 assignable keys per UF8; 5 banks of 8 User Keys + 3 Quick Keys

  • Intelligent Multi-Purpose CHANNEL Encoder

  • Mouse Scroll Emulation; control of any plug-in parameter you hover the mouse over with absolute precision

  • Hi-Speed USB connectivity

The hi-resolution display shows track information including level, pan, routing and names.

The 8 Endless Rotary Encoders are designed to enable you to jump between parameters whist maintaining absolute control, use SSL V-POT technology and workflow as found in their AWS and Duality consoles.

The ‘Intelligent’ CHANNEL Encoder features mouse scroll emulation, control any plug-in parameter you hover the mouse over.

You can configure shortcuts and custom macros on the UF8 for total session control via the 43 assignable, backlit user keys.

Each UF8 includes a pair of adjustable stands allowing for six different angles of elevation for user-defined placement. There is also a 19” rack mount kit available.

The connection to the host computer is USB using Mackie Control of HUI MIDI-based protocols.

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