API 512v Discrete Mic / Line Pre

500 Series preamp for API frames

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New 512v Microphone Preamp

In response to high market demand for built-in signal attenuation, API announces the new 512v Microphone Preamp. Incorporating every feature of the 512c, including API's proprietary transformers and 2520 op amp, the new 512v also includes a variable output level control designed to meet the needs of audio professionals using DAW's or other input level-sensitive devices in their workflow.


The 512v offers 65 dB of gain as a mic preamp, 45 dB of gain as a line/instrument preamp, and a 20 dB pad switch that can be applied to the incoming signal (whether mic, line or instrument). The 512v also features a 3:1 output transformer tap switch that produces a lower output level, allowing the user the option of driving the transformer harder to achieve higher levels of saturation. Also included are front and back panel mic input access, front panel combo-style XLR + 1/4 inch line/instrument input, an LED VU meter for gain level indication, 48v Phantom power switch, all built around the traditional API circuit design.

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