Grace Design m201 mk2

2-channel analog preamp

Varenr: 115568
Fjernlager ca (6 dager)

Like our flagship m801mk2, our freshly redesigned m201mk2 provides a full serving of our unique brand of audio performance - delivering massive headroom, ultra-wide bandwidth and an open, musical character.

The fully balanced signal path has been refined, resulting in incredible dynamic range, while a new power supply design provides the lowest noise performance we have ever achieved. This means the new m201mk2 will translate a sonic picture of astonishing clarity and detail, which serves to capture the essential character of the audio source.

The m201mk2 will bring out the very best in your customer’s microphone collection. Favorite large diaphragm mics will sound like they were intended, with detail and texture in extra measure. Dynamic mics will come alive with newfound dynamics and clarity. Ribbon mics will perform their best with our exclusive ribbon mic mode, which shifts the gain range up 10dB while deactivating 48V phantom power, bypassing the decoupling capacitors and optimizing the input impedance.

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