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Wisycom MRK980 Dual True Diversity

Receiver on 19” 1U rack

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Wisycom MRK980

is a true diversity, ultra-wideband dual channel receiver. With its 1090MHz of band switching, it ensures the users an exceptional band flexibility, combined with a superb selectivity and intermodulation immunity, for best operating performances of the wireless microphone systems. MRK980 also features an internal DSP processor, Wisycom famous Multicompanding system, new Dante compatibility and a completely and renewed user interface, which make this system easy and quick to setup.


Two channels true diversity receiver (full DSP processing)

Up to 1090 MHz bandwidth in 170/1260 MHz range

Push to talk (PTT) enabled with dedicated outputs (optional)

Analogue, AES/EBU & Dante outputs (with redundancy)

Dante machine Synchronized mode: no sample rate delay!

  • Next Gen Multiband front-end filtering:
  • High Q moving filter in 170-230 MHz
  • High Q moving filter in 470-800 MHz
  • High Q moving filter in 960-1160 MHz (DME) (or 806-810 MHz saw filter – Japan)
  • Country specific saw filters: USA 940-960 MHz or Japan 1240-1260 MH
  • Wideband and Narrowband DSP-FM operation (SW selectable):
  • Narrowband allows 50% more band efficiency (200/250 kHz channel density)
  • Narrowband allows about 3dB extra sensitivity and noise immunity
  • Extreme low noise VCO with ultrafast spectrum scan for optimal quick & easy setup
  • High contrast OLED display
  • Monitor & control through USB and Wisycom Manager 2.0 (computer SW)
  • Expansion slot for GPIO or future additional feature
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