RYCOTE Windshield Kit Modular WS 9

Modular Mono Windshield MWS 9 Kit (MZL)

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# 086038

040113 Suspension XX-Small (MZL)
010605 Windshield WS 9
021509 Windjammer WJ 9
016917 Connbox CB9 (MZL)

Sennheiser MKH 8050 + MZX, MKH 8040 + MZL

The Modular Windshield WS 9 Kit offers a unique and highly effective solution for compact condenser microphones requiring wind protection and maximum shock isolation. It completely surrounds the compact microphone, sliding onto the XX-Small Suspension to provide up to 25dB of wind noise attenuation. The wind attenuation performance is equivalent to a Rycote full sized Windshield yet in a much smaller and lighter package – only 170mm x 105mm including end caps.

High quality synthetic fur-cover Windjammer for WS 9 provides the highest possible protection against extreme wind-noise. When using a Windjammer fitted over a Windshield up to 35 dB of windnoise attenuation can be achieved, producing excellent exterior audio recordings.

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