Cinela Pianissino PIANI-1

Windshield XLR3 (For shotgun mic, w/fur)

Varenr: PIANI-1
Leveringstid fra fjernlager (14 dager)
Windshield for short shotguns...or any mono mikes shorter than 21cm

The Reference PIANI-1 is composed of:
- Main cage and swivel two axis
- Mono Suspension Module: mike reference has to be precised
- 3D Primary fabric
- Fur: to be precised (FUR-LP: long piles; FUR-SP: short piles)
- Polycarbonate shell

Adaptable microphones with specific suspensions (quick exchange):
- Schoeps MiniCMIT, CMC, CMC+CUT1
- Sennheiser MKH8060, MKH40/50
- DPA 4017B, 4017C, 4018B, 4018C
- Neumann KM140/150 KM184/185
- Or every mike shorter than 21/22cm (please submit any reference).

Weight: 325grams with Suspension Module and primary 3D fabric (without fur).
Size: Length 32cm, Max Diameter 16 x 14cm

Reference example: PIANI-1(MKH50, FUR-LP)

- Supension Modules MOD-E-OSIX (mike to be precised)
- Long or Short Pile Fur: PIANI-FUR-LP ou PIANI-FUR-SP
- Rain Protection PIANI-KELLY

Simple upgrade to XLR5M or XLR7M with the Kits PIANI-CAB-2 and PIANI-CAB-3
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