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Schoeps Stereo Set ”Cardioid”

2× MK4, CMC6, SG20, B5D, matching, Eske

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Schoeps "Cardioid" Stereo Sett
De mest solgte mikrofonkapsler i matchet stereo par levert i trekasse med forsterkere, klyper og vindhetter
SCHOEPS now offers pairs of our best-selling Colette-series microphones in sets. Each wooden case contains two complete microphones with selected, matched capsules, SG 20 stand adapters, B 5 D windscreens and in most cases, CMC 6 analog microphone amplifiers (the "Digital" set contains CMD 2* digital microphone amplifiers instead).
The part of each stand adapter that holds the microphone is made of soft plastic, while the base is metal. The foam windscreens have an inner construction which makes them considerably more effective than typical windscreens of their size, while their surface treatment lends them a "high-class"
Åtte sett er tilgjengelige med forskjellige kapler:
• Near-field omni: MK 2
• Universal omni:  MK 2H
• Wide cardioid:  MK 21
• Open cardioid :  MK 22
• Cardioid:  MK 4
• Supercardioid:  MK 41
• Switchable-pattern:  MK 5
• Digital*:  MK 4 and microphone amplifier CMD 2U

The modular Colette series encompasses many more capsule and amplifier types than are offered in these sets.
Combinations of these other capsule and amplifiers, or the
extensive range of accessories, are not available as sets,
* For use with digital microphone inputs that follow the AES 42 standard.
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