Microtech Gefell MD 300 m/oppheng og pop

Medfølger EA30 oppheng/ popfilter 110.2

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Microtech-Gefell MD300

  • MD 300 er en proffesjonell dynmisk mikrofon for vokal og instrument.
  • For dem som ønsker seg skikkelig oppgradering fra f.eks Shure SM7B.
  • Medfølger elastisk oppheng EA 30 og popfilter P 110.20
  • Microtech Gefell MD 300 Dynamisk Broadcast mikrofon
  • ptimized for broadcast applications
  • cardioid polar pattern
  • frequency response optimized for intelligibility
  • internal elastic capsule suspension
  • reduces handling noise
  • non-reflecting, robust NEXTEL surface  


The MD300 is a high-quality dynamic microphone with a frequency response of the transmission factor that has been optimized for intelligibility. It is featured with an especially accurate resolution at high frequencies and a well-balanced lowfrequency transmission. It is insensitive to movements of the recorded sound source thanks to the cardioid polar pattern.The MD300 is useful as close-talking microphone for announcers of broadcasting services as well as for high-quality recordings of vocalists and instrumental soloists during live performances or as spot microphone in music production.  


Acoustical specifications

A dynamic capsule with a cardioid polar pattern is insertedin the MD300 as sound transducer. The frequency response has been optimized for low recording distances with an accentuation of approximately 2dB between 2kHz and 8kHz to raise the speech and high-frequency presence. The change of the low end frequency response caused by the proximity effect is well-balanced without a very strong overemphasis at small microphone distances.  

Electrical specifications

The sound transducer inserted into the MD300 runs according to the moving-coil principle. The microphone is connected by a standard 3-pin XLR-male plug with a symmetric connection assignment. Because of the balanced low-impedance output, the MD300 can be used for longer cable length with negligible distortion. The polarity of the microphone is in accordance with DIN 60268-4.  

Mechanical specifications

The housing of the microphone is equipped with an integrated internal thread at the plug side that allows fixing elastic or inflexible holders, which are available as accessories. This allows using the microphone with microphone arms or stand mountings and as handheld microphone. The capsule is mounted elastically in the housing to attenuate solid-borne sounds and impulses. If a higher attenuation of such influences is required, it can be achieved by elastic holders and suspensions, which are available as accessories. Because of the weight of 330g without accessories, the MD300 can be used for longer periods as handheld microphone with negligible distortion.

The special EA 30 shock mount for the MD 300 can incorporate the P 30 pop filter - this is a special version of the P110 Pop Killer for the MD 300.  Spare foams are available for the P 30, just as they are for the standard P110.    

Technical specifications  

  • Polar pattern: Cardioid Acoustic
  • operating principle: Pressure gradient transducer
  • Electrical operating principle: Moving-coil principle
  • Frequency range: 50 - 16000Hz
  • Sensitivity: 1,6mV/Pa Rated impedance: 220Ohm
  • Load impedance =1kOhm
  • Magnetic field disturbing factor at 50Hz: =1V/T
  • Output connector: XLR3M
  • Weight: 330g
  • Length: 173mm Diameter: Protection grid 47mm Housing: 40mm
  • Surface: NEXTEL S139 Microphone holder: MH80 included  
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