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AVT MAGIC THipPro Telefonhybrid 8 xISDN

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MAGIC THipPro ISDN Telefonhybrid


MAGIC THipPro ISDN is an ISDN Telephone Hybrid for up to eight or up to 16 caller lines. The 1 RU system provides eight digital Audio lines (4 x AES/EBU interfaces) as well as two analogue XLR Audio interfaces. Additionally, up to two Handsets or Headsets can be connected for Pretalk. Via a simple software upgrade MAGIC THipPro can be extended into a VoIP Telephone Hybrid.

For more information you can also have a look at our product video about the MAGIC THipPro.


  • Digital Echo Canceller, AGC and Expander for each caller line
  • Conference function with Mix Minus generation
  • PRETALK function
  • Call forwarding
  • GPIO contacts
  • Comfortable PC control software
  • Up to twenty MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener Software workplaces
  • MAGIC THipPro Admin Upgrade to share the system resources between up to six studios
  • Voice Disguise: The caller's voice can be changed to protect his identity
  • Support of Ember+ and DHD SetLogic IDs
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