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AVT MAGIC THipPro Telefonhybrid 16 xVoIP

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MAGIC THipPro 16 x VoIP Telefonhybrid

Telephone Hybrids convert an incoming call into an Audio signal for the studio environment. The line echoes on analogue telephone interfaces which result from the 2-wire technology used are disturbing and must be eliminated by line echo cancellers.

To achieve the best results for the elimination of the echoes, digital procedures with signal processors are used in POTS Telephone Hybrids. However, in ISDN connections, no line echoes will occur due to the use of the 4-wire technology. If analogue telephone calls are received by ISDN Telephone Hybrids, echoes can also be detected due to the conversion from 2- wire to 4-wire technology in the analogue telephone unit. For clear communication digital line echo cancellers are also required.


POTS Telephone Hybrids/Talkshow Systems

ISDN Telephone Hybrids/Talkshow Systems

VoIP Telephone Hybrids/Talkshow Systems


MAGIC THipPro VoIP is an IP Telephone Hybrid for up to eight or up to 16 caller lines. The 1 RU system provides eight digital Audio lines (4 x AES/EBU interfaces) as well as two analogue XLR Audio interfaces. Additionally, up to two Handsets or Headsets can be connected for Pretalk.

MAGIC THipPro Telephone Hybrid


  • Digital Echo Canceller, AGC and Expander for each caller line
  • Conference function with Mix Minus generation
  • PRETALK function
  • Call forwarding
  • GPIO contacts
  • Up to twenty MAGIC THipPro LAN and MAGIC THipPro Screener workplaces
  • MAGIC THipPro Admin Upgrade to split the resources for up to six studios
  • Voice Disguise: The caller's voice can be changed to protect his identity
  • Support of Ember+ and DHD SetLogic IDs
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