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Mini HDMI Live Stream Switcher

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• Same rear panel as ATEM Mini with added buttons and software features
• Stream video up to 1080p HD
• Quick stream, on-air, and record buttons
• Hardware encoder so there's no need for additional streaming software
• Control and configure timecode, stream status
• Full support and control features for BMPCC 6K and 4K cameras
• Simultaneous USB recording
• Integration with Multidock for live hard drive switching
• Customize advanced settings with XML files
• Software multiview with program previews, graphics, record status, on air status, audio meters
• Program preview input and output buttons
• Tally light control for BMPCC 6K/4K cameras
• utomatic timecode sync for all cameras

Similar to its predecessor the ATEM Mini, the ATEM Mini Pro from Blackmagic Design is a four-input live production switcher with an integrated control panel designed for multi-camera live streaming up to HD video to the internet or broadcast applications from gaming consoles, corporate computer streams, or HD cameras. Along with the software control update, the Mini Pro builds on the Mini with features such as live stream data rate and status information, a built-in hardware encoder, simultaneous recording to USB drives, drive hot swapping with the Blackmagic Multidock, an added record and stream buttons, stream caching, a timecode generator, program preview multiview, tally support, and support for Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera 6K and 4K to utilize as your broadcast sources.

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