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Tieline Cloud Codec Controller    

Manage an entire fleet of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT users in real time from the studio, even when connected to cellular & Wi-Fi networks!

The Cloud Codec Controller immediately detects the presence of a Tieline codec or device running the Report-IT Enterprise app when it connects to the internet. This allows engineers to remotely control live connections from the comfort of the studio, at home, or anywhere they have internet connectivity. Connect a device to the internet and the Cloud Codec Controller will deliver:

Key Features

• Real Time online and offline status of Tieline codecs and users logged into Report-IT Enterprise
• Monitoring of connection status, link quality and audio levels
• Remote adjustment of audio levels
• The ability to dial and hang-up remote codec connections from the studio.


Cloud Codec Controller software is designed to manage an entire fleet of Tieline codecs remotely, and will allow engineers to configure, connect and monitor all remote codecs from the studio!   

“Remote control is a powerful tool for broadcasters and Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller delivers a simple user interface to control all functions of a remote codec from the studio, at home, or anywhere they have an internet connection,” said Charlie Gawley, Tieline’s VP Sales APAC & EMEA. “The Cloud Codec Controller integrates Tieserver and the latest cloud computing technologies to deliver secure real-time monitoring and remote control of all your G5 IP codecs, Commander G3 rack mount codecs, and smartphones using Report-IT Enterprise.”


Monitor and control your entire network of IP codecs, select and load programs and view and manage alarms. Plus you can launch the HTML Toolbox web-GUI to access all codec controls, mixer and router settings, program editing and creation, and much more.

Unparalleled Control of Report-IT

Using Tieline’s award-winning Report-IT Enterprise app anybody using an iPhone or Android smartphone can go live in two simple steps:

  1. Install the Report-IT Enterprise app from the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

  2. Log in with credentials provided by the studio.

At the studio use the Cloud Codec Controller to remotely connect and disconnect Report-IT, start and stop recordings, monitor and adjust input and record levels, lock and unlock controls and observe link quality. Use VIP-Connect to send a secure Report-IT Enterprise URL to a reporter or contributor and use the Cloud Codec Controller to go live with full remote control in a single click!

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