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MUTEC MC-1.1+ Bidirectional Digital AFC

S/PDIF (optical/coaxial) AES3 konverter

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Bidirectional Digital Audio Format Converter:
S/PDIF (optical/coaxial) + AES3 + AES3id, 16-24Bit/32-192kHz

Converts AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF optical/coaxial; low-jitter signal recovery; input signal splitting by double outputs; SCMS processing; internal power supply.

The MC-1.1+
is a high performance digital audio format converter. The MC-1.1+ converts uni- or bidirectionally between AES3, AES3id and S/P-DIF signals. Using latest low-jitter audio PLLs and low-noise circuit designs, the MC-1.1+ regenerates and improves digital audio signals with clock rates up to 192.0kHz.Various operation modes enable the use of the MC-1.1+ in many applications, nearly every imaginable conversion between the involved formats is possible! Incoming digital audio signals are unidirectionally converted to four output formats at once, whereas every format offers two outputs for additional signal splittings. Bidirectional format conversions are even possible with different sampling rates at the same time. A special splitting mode offers signal splittings of four individual input signals simultaneously. The SCMS status of S/P-DIF signals can be monitored and adapted in every operations mode. Thus, the MC-1.1+ offers highest flexibility to solve
interconnections problems in studio environments very easily!

AES/EBU, AES/EBUid and S/P-DIF interfaces in one box with double outputs. Signal regeneration and improvement. Low-jitter PLLs combined with low-noise PCB design.Uni- and bidirectional format conversions. SCMS processing and status monitoring. Built-in international power supplysupply

Interconnection of professional and consumer digital audio devices. AES3 and S/P-DIF signal conversion and
distribution. Signal quality improvement. SCMS coding of digital audio productions. Active signal splitting
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