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Direct Out MADI.9648

4 x separate SRC blokker

Varenr: DOSRC1107
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DirectOut MADI.9648 Sample rate converter 

Et fantastisk verktøy for Live/rental & Broadcast
MADI.9648 is a MADI sample rate converter with four independent SRC blocks for bidirectional conversion of 128 audio channels.
Equipped with eight MADI ports it features low latency conversion between 2 FS (88.2/96 kHz) and 1 FS (44.1/48 kHz).
A 1 FS MADI stream with 64 audio channels is converted into two 2 FS MADI streams with 32 channels each of. Vice versa two 2 FS streams are converted and combined into a single 1 FS stream, that is output via both BNC and SC.
This enables an easy-to-handle integration of external equipment with actual live consoles with 96 kHz processing.

Plug’n Play

There is nothing to adjust – a ? xed signal routing and automatic signal detection of frame format (48k/96k Frame) and channel mode (56/64 ch) facilitate the installation. The 2 FS output is set to 96k Frame (no S/MUX).


There is no common clock source needed. Each SRC block is clocked by it’s MADI input enabling the conversion of signals that are not in sync to each other.


MADI.9648 features six BNC ports which are mostly deployed in live consoles. Two optical SC ports extend the connection scenario for 1 FS signals.
An integral USB port enables ? rmware updates for future enhancements.

Safe operation

The device is equipped with two phase-redundant power supplies to ensure maximum reliability.



MADI Ports (I/O): 
2 x SC-Socket multi/single-mode  
6 x coaxial BNC, 75 O

Sample Rates:  44.1, 48, 88.2, 96 kHz  (+/- 12,5%)

SRC Channels:
2 x 64 channels (1 FS to 2 FS) 
2 x 64 channels (2 FS to 1 FS)

MADI Formats (I/O):  48k Frame, 96k Frame,  56/64 channel

USB:  USB 2.0 for ?rmware updates

Power Supply:  2 x 84 V to 264 V AC /  47 Hz to 63 Hz / safety class 1

Dimensions:  Width 19’’ (483 mm)  Height 1 RU (44.5 mm)  Depth 7.8’’ (200 mm)

Weight:  about 3 kg


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