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8 port MADI switcher and router

Varenr: DORTR0836
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8 port MADI switcher and router, 6x coaxial BNC, 2x optical SC, 512 to 64 channel matrix, 1x MIDI I/O for remote control, 1x USB 2.0 for firmware updates and remote control, preset management, device lock, redundant PSU  


Initially developed as a simple link between MADI devices from any manufacturer, MADI.BRIDGE acts as a patchbay, signal distributor, signal buffer and input selector all in one device. The latest incarnation sports a complete redesign and has gained a number of extra features including redundant power supplies, a USB port to enable firmware updates for future enhancements and additional remote control capabilities.


MADI.BRIDGE enables the connection of up to 16 devices via six coaxial (BNC) MADI I/Os and two optical multi-mode MADI I/Os. All input signals are routed to the desired outputs in their native state, thus supporting any format regardless of channel count, whether or not control data and/or sample rates are included, or even violations of the MADI protocol. Highly sensitive input stages mean that up to 100m coaxial cable runs can be supported, even between devices. An intuitive and easy to navigate user interface makes for fast and straightforward operation.

“There are some products that never outlive their usefulness, and this is one of them,” remarked DirectOut CEO Stephan Flock. “Naturally we’ve given it a bit of a facelift and added some extra features, but the essential functionality remains unchanged because that is what our customers have asked for. We’re only too happy to oblige!”

MADI.BRIDGE features:

  • 6 x MADI coaxial BNC, 75 O
  • 2 x MADI optical SC, multi-mode (single-mode available on request)
  • 1 x MIDI I/O for remote control
  • 1 x USB for firmware updates and remote control
  • 2 x power supply for redundancy
  • Preset management 
  • Device lock to prevent accidental changes
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