MADI redundancy switch m/buffer loop DS

Varenr: DOEXB0897

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DirectOut EXBOX.BLDS MADI redundancy switch
MADI Redundancy Switch with Buffer Loop Detection System™ (1x coaxial BNC, 1x optical SC), 4x GPIO (each via DSUB-9), Micro USB for firmware updates and remote control, incl. 1x external PSU and BLDS Generator Tool
D.O.TEC® EXBOX.BLDS is a MADI redundancy switch for production environments with advanced reliability requirements. Besides a ‘simple’ change-over from one input to the other in case the MADI carrier is lost, EXBOX.BLDS introduces a unique feature: Buffer Loop Detection System™
Enhanced Signal Control
The Buffer Loop Detection System™ is used to detect silence or a corrupted input signal - e.g. caused by an application hang of the playout system (repeating buffers) or stuttered playback due to system overload. A BLDS generator creates a wav file containing a low levelled signal which is inserted into the MADI stream.The artificial design of the Buffer Loop Detection Signal enables reliable and inaudible switch-over within one sample.
Input Switching
The MADI input can be switched manually by a push button on the front panel of the device. Different Redundancy Modes (Prioritization of Inputs) offer means to adjust the trigger behaviour of EXBOX.BLDS.
Via DSUB-9 connectors 4 GPIs and 4 GPOs are accessible. The GPIs may be used to select the MADI input or to trigger a switch-over. GPOs provide monitoring of the current input and switching state.
The device can be updated with a new or customised firmware via the integral USB port. Remote control of advanced features is also possible.
Safe operation
Two solid Hirose sockets are available to plug in up to two external power supply units or battery packs for safe operating conditions with redundancy.
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