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Appsys Pro Audio SRC-64

Sample Rate Converter Plug-in Module

Varenr: SRC-64
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Convert sample rates between all of your interfaces!

To add even more power to your Multiverter, a sample rate converter hardware module is available. It features 64x64 channel bi-directional, asynchronous sample rate conversion between two arbitrary sample rates and interfaces. Finally you can convert 96kHz streams into 48kHz and vice versa, or accept any incoming signal without caring about the master clock!


    • Top-notch performance: THD+N = -133dB typ, -120dB max.
    • True asynchronous, bi-directional conversion of 64x64 channels
    • Supports arbitrary sample rates in the range from 32...192kHz
    • Handles up to 64ch@48k, 64ch@96k, 32ch@192k
    • Free selection of any multiverter interface as asynchronous input and/or asynchronous output
    • Special aggregation modes exist to handle 64ch@96k by using two inputs and/or outputs together
      (e.g. 2*AES50 48ch/96k <=> Dante 48ch/48k, 2*MADI 64ch@96k <=> MADI 64ch@48k etc.)
    • Fully configurable via multiverter's menu, configuration saved in presets
    • Asynchronous domain can be clocked from any input, or via internal hi-precision clock
    • Can be disabled if required with a few clicks
    • Mounts on internal socket: back extension port remains available
    • Field-upgradable firmware
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