Merging Horus/Hapi ADA8 AD/DA modul V2

8 channel Mic/Line inputs, up to 192kHz

Varenr: IOM-H-ADA8S
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Merging IOM-8ADA AD/DA modul for Horus/Hapi Version 2 
8 inn og 8 utgangskort for opp til 48 analoge IO på Horus eller 16 analoge IO på Hapi.
PS. Når man har fler enn tre kort på en Horus må man ha dobbel strømforsyning: IOC-HORUS-PSR
Merging's new AD and DA combination board will instantly double the quantity of analogue I/O available on the HORUS and HAPI.  A staggering 48 in/48 out on Horus makes it the ideal stagebox for many applications. For Hapi, this allows a number of exciting possibilities. 16 in/16 out or 8 in/8 out with MADI are likely to be big sellers. Despite the extra component density, the performance of the ADA8 AD and DA option card is virtually identical to the AD8 and DA8 components that are still in the range and can be “mix and matched” to form a huge range of I/O combinations. Able to work up to 192 kHz with better than 120dB dynamic range, these Swiss designed masterpieces have the same exceptional transparency and headroom on the mic preamplifiers. There is no loss in functionality either. Each ADA8 board comes equipped on the input stage with Mic/Line input selection, Phantom power, LPF and phase invert. The output stage is also equipped as the DA8 card is, with a Dip switch controlled line up level up to +24dBu and a digitally controlled output trim.  All parameters can be controlled from the front panel or remotely via the RAVENNA LAN connection. The ability to control all of the Networked Audio range via a simple web browser means that stand alone operation is a breeze. To connect to any DAW, the addition of CoreAudio and ASIO drivers mean this level of quality is available for any number of software programs.
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