Lynx LM-PRE4 Module

4 ch. preamp module for Aurora (n)

Varenr: LM-PRE4 Module
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Lynx LM-PRE4


The LM-PRE4 four-channel microphone preamplifier module transforms the Aurora(n) into a full-fledged computer

interface and stand-alone audio recording device. This high performance module extends the capabilities of the Aurora(n) product line by adding support for microphone, HI-Z or line level input signals and direct coupling to four additional channels of A/D conversion per module.


• Four-channel microphone/line/HI-Z input modulefor Aurora(n)

• On-board four-channel Aurora(n) A/D conversion directly coupled to preamp out

• Fully-differential, current-feedback preamplifierarchitecture

• Transformerless, transparent design

• Up to 68.6dB gain in 1dB increments

• Low noise (-129dBu EIN) microphone input

• Noise and distortion optimized at all gain settings

• Independent 48V phantom power, phase, high-passfilter, and pad for each channel

• Dedicated line level signal path provides performance identical to AIO8E

• Gold contact relays for distortion-free signal routing

• Seamless integration with Aurora(n)’s mixing and routing engine

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