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32-Channel AD/DA, Dante, MADI & ADAT Con

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A32 Dante


The A32 Dante is the “fully loaded” Version of the A32. As well as all the I/Os of the renowned A32 this model features 64×64 I/O of DANTE channels in addition, which makes integrating the device into an existing DANTE network easy.

Of course it also offers all of the various features of the original A32.


Extremely Flexible

The A32 Dante offers an unrivaled flexibility due to its 32×32 A/D – D/A channels, optical and coaxial MADI ports, 32×32 ADAT I/Os (ADAT4 switchable to S/PDIF) and headphone output with monitoring matrix.

The four hi-res TFT color screens give a detailed view of all digital and analog levels and settings. This is all complemented by an intuitive one-knob control and an always-on help system.


Converter and Routing Matrix

Among converting various digital formats from and to analog inputs and outputs the A32 Dante also offers a sophisticated routing matrix. With the source-destination matrix, parallel format conversions (e.g. ADAT to MADI and Analog to Dante) can be realized next to other complex routings in A32 Dante.


  • 32×32 AD/DA, Dante, MADI & ADAT converter
  • Sample rate from 32 kHz up to 192 kHz
  • 32×32 analog I/O channels
  • 64×64 DANTE I/O channels (2x RJ-45 Port)
  • 64×64 MADI I/O channels (optical or coaxial)
  • 32×32 ADAT I/O channels (8x TOSLINK optical)
  • Stereo S/PDIF optical I/O with sample rate conversion
  • Wordclock I/O (BNC)
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