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Direct Out ANDIAMO2 32 kanaler ADDA

32 IO Høykvalitets ADDA, Dual MADI & PSU

+6 dBu / +15 dBu
+6 dBu / +15 dBu
+15 dBu / +24 dBu
+15 dBu / +24 dBu
+9 dBu / +18 dBu
+9 dBu / +18 dBu
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DirectOut ANDIAMO 2,  32-kanals AD/DA <> MADI-konverter

Den nye Andiamo 2 Black er en fantastisk bra AD/DA konverter av høy sonisk lydkvalitet med mange smarte og praktiske funksjoner. Den har dobbelt med MADI IO for redundancy og/eller økt frekvens. To enheter han kobles i serie for å få 64 IO på en MADI strøm. DirectOut er en velrenommert broadcast standard. Også studiobransjen har fått øynene opp for DirectOut på grunn av en meget bra lydkvalitet. Den nye serien har også oppgraderte konvertere og er et perfekt partner til RME sine MADI lydkort og Avid MTRX.

ANDIAMO 2 is part of the ANDIAMO family of powerful, high-end AD/DA MADI converters. ANDIAMO 2 offers simultaneous conversion of 32 audio channels from analog to digital and vice-versa with extremely high sonic quality.
Housed in an elegant, space-saving 1U 19” casing, up to two units may be cascaded for 64 channels of conversion.
Bank selection allows the choice of audio channels 1-32 or 33-64 from a MADI stream to be converted. Converter sensitivity can be switched between two levels (hi/lo) – discrete for A/D and D/A.

The device may be operated locally or remotely via the ANDIAMO Remote software. Supported remote methods are USB, D.O.NET, ‘MIDI over MADI’ and ‘Serial over MADI’.
ANDIAMO Remote (Windows® / OS X®) offers access to the following features (and many more):

  • Matrix Mode which offers free signal routing on a per-channel basis.
  • 4 FS support – the device supports sample rates from 44.1 kHz up to 192 kHz to meet the highest sonic demands
  • Level control – output gain/level trim for individual channels
  • AD/DA calibration in 0.1 dB increments for precise adjustment of AD and DA converter reference levels

The settings and the routing matrix are stored inside the device.

Port redundancy
ANDIAMO 2 is equipped with two MADI ports as standard, offering seamless port redundancy and switchover. Both MADI ports are always active and carry the same MADI data, except when the Extended Routing feature is deployed.

Extended routing
The Extended Routing feature enables both MADI I/Os to be used independently to:

  • make full use of all conversion channels at higher sample rates (192 kHz)
  • double the range of available MADI input channels
  • create two individual MADI feeds

Quick overview
The front panel provides level control and status LEDs for real-time monitoring of signal condition for all input and output channels.

Selectable clock sources are word clock, MADI input or the internal clock. The current system clock is provided at the word clock output at any time.

The device may be configured to order as follows:

  • Version "A":  +06 dBu / +15 dBu
  • Version "B":  +09 dBu / +18 dBu
  • Version "C":  +15 dBu / +24 dBu

Safe operation
Thanks to two phase-redundant power supplies with separate IEC inlets and AC power switches on the rear panel the device offers the highest reliability.

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