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dB Technologies ViO X206

Active 2-way speaker, PS eller Linearray

Varenr: 117101
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  • Active 2-way speaker
  • 900 W RMS
  • LF 2x6.5” Neo - HF 1x1”
  • 90°x60° coverage version
  • Arrayable version with waveguide(100°x15°)
  • Maximum versatility in tour grade applications or fixed installations


VIO X206 is an ultra-compact professional speaker that delivers sound pressure and linear response to the highest level, just like VIO X205, but in addition to this, you can turn it into a true compact line array system. The speaker has been designed in two different versions, one model mounts a 90° by 60° rotatable horn. The other one is equipped with a two-path waveguide conveying a 100° by 15° dispersion, so perfect for line array applications. The real gem here is that users can remove and exchange horns at any time, based on their requirements.

The firmware to adapt the behaviour of the 2 horns can be changed accordingly with the quick switch on the back of the box.VIO X206 is equipped with two 6.5" neodymium transducers and a 1" driver, powered by a 900W RMS Digipro G3 amp. Nevertheless, just like all companion cabinets in VIO X series, the cabinet allows for complete networkability thanks to RDNet and real time monitoring and control via Aurora Net.Thanks to the two variants it cover a wide range of applications, meeting the requirements of both production and integration. This sleek, slim cabinet can easily fits onto a live stage, a corporate event facility, as well as a meeting room or a bar. A series of accessories helps you to create the best configuration for the venue. Several brackets adapt X206 on a speaker stand (VB-2X6, SA-2X6), one of them also allows it to be flown with a C clamp (VB-2X6). A simple link plate (LP-2) is available to pair or array them. It is also possible to use 2 of the 90x60° version both flown or ground stacked with a 60° spread bracket (LP-3). An extra 60° spread bracket allows for flying or polemounting of up to 6 90x60° boxes side by side, with a steady angle. A U shaped bracket (HB-2X6) allows for various configurations such as wall mounting or truss mounting. The same accessory also serves as horizontal pole mount for a 90x60° X206 or multiple line array versions of X206. If you need to stash a frontfill, or if you plan to ground stack several line arrays directly on a sub, this will be a safe and reliable solution to secure the load with the M20 threaded mount. Finally two flybars are available, a standard one for a single array (DRK-1) and a multiple one (DRK-2) that allows to fly 2 arrays of tops or subs, or even X206 and VIO S115 subs together.
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