dB Technologies VIO L208 Line-Array RDN

Aktiv 1800W, 2-veis, LF 2x8" HF 1,4"

Varenr: DBT-1030012650
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Technical DataSpeaker Type: 2-way Active Line Array Module
Acoustical data
Frequency Response [- 3dB]: 85-18.100 Hz
Max SPL: 133,5 dB
HF: 1X1.4"
Voice Coil HF: 2,5"
Type HF: Neodymium
LF: 2x 8"
Voice Coil LF: 2.5"
Type LF: Neodymium
Horizontal Directivity: 100°
Vertical Directivity: Depending on array size and configuration
Amp Technology: Digipro G3
Amp Class: Class-D
Power RMS: 900 W
Peak Power: 1800 W
Cooling: Convection
Power Supply: 900 W SMPS with auto range PSU
ProcessorController: DSP 56 bit
AD/DA Converter: 24 bit/48 KHz
Limiter: Dual Active Multiband Peak, RMS, Thermal
Processing (filters): FIR Linear Phase
Crossover Frequency LF-HF: 1000 Hz
Slope LF-HF: 24 dB/Octave
Signal Input: 1xXLR fem, Bal.
Signal Output: 1xXLR male, Bal.
Network: RDNet remote control RJ45 connector IN/OUT
Power Socket: 1xPowerCon TRUE1 IN 1xPowerCon TRUE1 Out
1xSpeakers Coupling (7 presets) 1x HF Compensation (8 presets) 1XInput Attenuation Rotary Switch
Housing: Multiplex Plywood Polyurea painted
Housing Design: Trapezoidal 10°
Handles: 2x side
Rain Cover: Included
Rigging Points: Integrated rigging hardware
Width: 600 mm (28.35 in)
Height: 260 mm (12.6 in)
Depth: 390 mm (20.47 in)
Weight: 18.9 Kg (63.00 lbs)
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