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Lake People G111 black


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The PHONE AMP G111 is the successor of the fameous Phone-Amp G100 which can be considered as the original ancestor of the HiFi / HiEnd devices from Lake People and Violectric. It was the first device of Lake People, which was widely used by both professional and private users. Professionals praised the sheer indestructibility of the case made of stainless steel, private users his not thought possible high sound quality. The PHONE-AMP G111 contains everything that is still important to us today:

- transistorized amplifier for highest transmission quality

- Full running Alps RK 27 Poti for volume control

- oversized power supply with toroidal transformer

- lowest noise

- highest output voltage (60 Volt internal operating voltage)

- strongest output

- highest damping factor

- Pre-gain (5-fold pre-amplification)

- flexible input / output architecture
- deliverable in silver or black

Phone-Amp G111

    • balanced inputs with gold plated XLR sockets
    • unbalanced inputs with with priority and gold plated RCA sockets
    • PRE-GAIN: adjustable gain in 5 steps
    • Channel independent design
    • Discrete power amp with 4 transistors per channel (V 100 design)
    • Transmission range 150 kHz (-3 dB)
    • High-Grade attenuator Alps RK 27 with optimum channel balance and lowest crosstalk
    • Toroidal transformer and large smoothing capacitors
    • headphone outputs with delayed switch-on relay
    • compact and rugged aluminum case
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