RME ADI-2 Pro FS AD/DA konverter

AD/DA USB 2.0 DAC, 2 HP, SteadyClock FS

Varenr: ADI-2 Pro FS
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The Reference Class for Conversion, Control & Measurement

The successful ADI-2 Pro is now available as ADI-2 Pro FS. This updated version of the high-end AD/DA converter includes the new femtosecond clock technology of the ADI-2 DAC. The ADI-2 Pro FS o?ers professional users the famous, comprehensive functionality of the previous reference converter, but now with updated clocking. In addition, the AutoDark mode from the new ADI-2 DAC has now also been implemented in the ADI-2 Pro FS.
Like the ADI-2 Pro, the ADI-2 Pro FS combines several devices in one: a high-end studio-quality AD/DA converter, a dual headphone ampli?er, a multi-format converter (AES, SPDIF, ADAT) with monitoring features, a DSD recording and playback converter as well as an AD/DA frontend for audio measurements with up to 768 kHz sample frequency. With this range of functions, the new ADI-2 Pro FS presents itself as one of the most ?exible converters on the market.
Femtoseconds for clocking With the SteadyClock FS, the ADI-2 Pro FS features the latest clock and jitter rejection technology from the recently introduced ADI-2 DAC. Based on a femtosecond clock – a femtosecond is one quadrillionth of a second – SteadyClock FS reduces the intrinsic jitter of the ADI-2 Pro FS to a new all-time low.
Furthermore, the ADI-2 Pro FS also features the AutoDark mode from the ADI-2 DAC. With this, users can deactivate all illuminated elements of the device if necessary – except of the standby button, which in contrast to the ADI-2 DAC, is always illuminated on the ADI-2 Pro FS. In this way, studio users receive permanent feedback about the on/o? status of their converter. The lighting is reactivated by pressing any button or turning an encoder.

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